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Testimonials from clients and former colleagues.
‘I first worked with Lucy when I was approached to become a commissioned author for a series of light vehicle automotive college textbooks , and eventually she became the primary publisher for my motorcycle maintenance and repair book . She is skilled in communicating any requirements and organising workload; going beyond expectations which ensures high standards of editing, proofreading and publishing. If you want a high level of professionalism and commitment, I would strongly recommend working with Lucy.’
‘'I have worked with Lucy for the first time on a student book for BTEC Tech Awards IT where she was the development editor. I have written several computer science and IT GCSE text books and have experience of many development editors but working with Lucy has definitely provided the best experience.
Above all she is efficient, checking all content meticulously against the required specification, pointing out discrepancies and suggesting alternatives. She is also aware of the effect of the visual presentation on learning and has suggested improved ways of displaying the information so that I can honestly say that the finished manuscript is far better after her editing than the original.
Lucy has done all of this to tight schedules, with clearly expressed comments and suggestions and above all with friendliness and a good sense of humour so building a good working relationship.'

Graham Stoakes, Author

‘I worked with Lucy for a number of years during our time at Pearson and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as an editorial freelancer. There are few people out there with the kind of commitment, attention to detail and efficiency that Lucy brings to each new project she takes on. She has excellent knowledge of the educational sector and her in-house experience means that she fully understands how the work of a freelance fits into the wider publishing process. She is absolutely a safe pair of hands and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.'

David Waller, Author

‘Lucy has fantastic editorial skills – she has a great eye for detail and for coming up with imaginative ways to display content whether it's digital or print! See her fabulous work on our Light Vehicle publishing . She is determined, focussed and excellent at keeping to schedules, and at helping others to do the same.
Lucy has worked on some big digital projects - again look at the work she did with the animations for three levels of Light Vehicle - making sure that the content was clear, attractive, well-displayed and functioned properly!
Authors and colleagues have always enjoyed working with Lucy - she gives them confidence that she knows what she is doing and sets reasonable expectations.
She is funny and a delight to work with!' 

Faye Cheeseman,
Freelance Editor
(former line manager at Pearson)

'Lucy is an excellent editor and project manager. She is able to strike a balance between meeting deadlines and achieving high quality, and is an able and creative problem-solver. She is meticulous and organised, and I always knew that any project assigned to her would be in very safe hands.'

Pen Gresford, Senior Product Manager (Publisher) at Pearson

Dianne Rees, Freelance Editor (former Editorial Team
Leader at Pearson)