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My educational background and qualifications are outlined below.

Geology, OCF Level 4 courses, Oxford University Department
for Continuing Education

BA Philosophy, 1st Class Honours, University of Southampton

I studied a wide range of subjects within philosophy and the history of philosophy. I covered disciplines including logic, critical thinking, ethics, eastern philosophies and religions, metaphysics, action and intentionality, philosophy of mind, aesthetics and philosophy of mathematics looking at both contemporary research and historical accounts.
I completed four Geology courses at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. The subjects within the discipline of Geology that I studied were: Geology of the British Isles, Geological Wonders of the World, Introducing Geological Science, Mineralogy and Petrology.

A Levels and GCSEs,
Wood Green School, Witney

I have A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Religious Studies, and an AS Level in Mathematics.   
I have 11 GCSEs in English, English Literature, Mathematics, Double Award Science, German, RE, Art, Geography, PE and Graphic Products.