lucid editorial


Whether you are creating a book (print or e-book), digital product, journal or magazine article, website, newsletter or leaflet I can tailor your content to succeed in its intended purpose.

development editing


My editorial skills can complement those of your commissioned authors to ensure that the author's content is appropriate for the intended audience and meets all of your requirements, particularly ensuring that any specific textural components and features are included. I will ensure that your content is coherent and consistent in voice, and where relevant, is aligned to a particular pedagogical approach and/or qualification specification. By advising on gaps and making suggestions on layout, feature set and illustrative content if requested, I can add value to your content.
I can liaise directly with your authors when desired to develop content. With prior discussion, I would be happy to attend author briefings and writing workshops.
I can edit your content and prepare it for typesetting, put it into your template or use a content management system. I will edit for sense and consistency, as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling. Depending on the audience, I can also address language level and tone.
I will flag copyright issues and can suggest solutions depending on whether you are in a position to clear the copyright or not. I am familiar with standard referencing and bibliography styles. If requested, I can liaise directly with your authors to ensure there are no gaps in content and to resolve issues.


asset briefing

If you wish to ensure that your content is accurate and consistent, I can proofread it against copy-edited manuscript or the previous set of proofs, or I can complete a blind proofread.
I understand and will apply standard hardcopy proofreading marks but can also use project-specific markup conventions.
I can alternatively proofread on screen.
I will ensure that your content is lucid, consistent, well-presented and that the layout and features match your design specifications. I will also check for grammar, punctuation and spelling. I will highlight any outstanding issues and gaps in content.  If requested, I can also amend content resulting from external reviews or specification changes.
With prior discussion, I am able to check facts for accuracy.
If you wish to include media assets in your content, I can write and/or edit artwork and photo briefs for illustrated content including logging. I am able to complete this work either as part of a development edit or copy-edit, or as a discrete task. I can also suggest sources of professional photos and am experienced at selecting photos.
I am able review draft and final artworks to ensure they meet the brief, which is particularly important with technical artworks. I can also advise on accessibility of artworks.
I am also able to brief and review both audio and video content.